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Conservice Becomes First Elite Member of EPA’s 2022 Certification Nation Program

Conservice Named First 2022 Elite Member of EPA’s Certification Nation Program

CHICAGO, IL, November 3, 2022 – Conservice has been named the first 2022 Elite Member of the EPA’s Certification Nation program. The company earned top tier ranking by submitting more than 150 buildings for ENERGY STAR certification in 2022. The EPA determines the status and number of certified buildings for each of their organizations based on data in the ENERGY STAR certified building registry.

Conservice leads the way in providing comprehensive ESG management & sustainability solutions that empower our customers to track energy usage and environmental impact. Our robust bill-to-boardroom ESG offerings help our customers attract and retain capital, accelerate growth, mitigate risk, and leave a lasting impact.

To earn the ENERGY STAR, a commercial building or industrial plant must be independently verified to operate more efficiently than 75% of similar properties nationwide. ENERGY STAR certified buildings use an average of 35% less energy and are responsible for 35% less carbon dioxide emissions than typical buildings. That’s important, since commercial buildings and industrial plants are responsible for nearly half of the nation’s energy use and nearly half of its greenhouse gas emissions. The number of certified buildings for each organization is based on data in the ENERGY STAR certified building registry.

ENERGY STAR Certification Nation 30th Anniversary

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At Conservice, we have one focus: utilities. Whether that means paying your utility bills, supporting your residents and tenants, or organizing your usage data to support business growth and ESG initiatives, we are the only national utility management company that focuses entirely and exclusively on utility services. Your utilities are our number one priority; all day, every day of the year. This is why our clients count on us to be The Utility Experts®. Learn more at

Launched in 1992, ENERGY STAR is a voluntary EPA program that delivers environmental benefits and financial value through superior energy efficiency. Today, thousands of organizations use ENERGY STAR tools and resources to help them assess their energy performance, improve their efficiency, and earn recognition. In 2019, the ENERGY STAR program for commercial buildings helped businesses and organizations save 230 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity, avoid $14 billion in energy costs, and achieve 170 million metric tons of greenhouse gas reductions. Learn more about ENERGY STAR certification for buildings at

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