Sustainability Solutions (S2)

An End-to-End ESG Offering

Whether you’re just getting started with ESG or looking to secure more data and direction for your initiatives, our Sustainability Solutions (S2) offering is your best next step.

S2 is a carefully curated offering of Conservice ESG software and services that allows you to measure, benchmark, and leverage your portfolio’s ESG data.


Benefits of S2

Take your Synergy data further

  • Align with and report to frameworks like GRESB and ENERGY STAR
  • Plan and measure the results of building retrofits
  • Navigate new and emerging regulations
  • Leverage ESG initiatives to secure investment capital

With S2 You Get:

  • Direct data integration with Synergy

  • Whole-building data from utility providers

  • Onsite and offsite GHG conversions

  • ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager integration

  • Compliance submission for mandatory benchmarking ordinances

  • Third-party data assurance ready

  • Configurable property and portfolio-level reporting

  • Energy and water data tracking, reporting, and visualization

  • Waste diversion data from WasteX and flat files

  • Portfolio data benchmarking and weather normalization

  • Green Loan compliance data filing

  • Consultant-ready GRESB KPI data

Clean Data In. Clean Data Out.

The S2 solution is enabled by the only entirely integrated Bill-to-Boardroom™ ESG data stream in the U.S. The same data that Synergy captures from day-to-day property usage can be leveraged down the line to guide property retrofits, ESG frameworks, and BPS requirements.

Dedicated ESG Strategic Consulting

You’ve gathered your data, developed your reports, and certified your portfolio. What’s the next step toward winning at ESG? Strategic Consulting. The Conservice Strategic Consulting team will guide you from data and disclosure to decision making.

Personalized guidance on:

  • Your position in the competitive landscape
  • Materiality assessments
  • GHG inventories
  • Reporting framework submissions

With Strategic Consulting, you’ll get the human expertise, data analysis, and resources to transition from telling your ESG story to ensuring your future-proofed sustainability success.

ESG Strategic Partnerships





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