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Comprehensive utility meter management ensures optimal recovery while boosting resident conservation

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Effective sub-metering is essential to utility recovery, precise billing, informed decision-making, sustainability efforts, trend analysis, and more.


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With Utility Meter Management, you can:

Get a complete solution

Conservice brings effective utility meter management within reach by handling all of your sub-metering needs, from equipment selection and installation to reading, regulatory tracking, troubleshooting, and maintenance. When coupled with the Conservice expense recovery service, meter management lets you offload all utility-related tasks.

Increase property value

The installation of sub-meters is a capital investment that increases your property’s value, as well as the value to your residents.

Promote resident conservation

When residents are held accountable for their individual consumption, they are more motivated to conserve. One industry study shows a decrease of up to 38% in residential water consumption where sub-meters are installed.

Gain easy data access

With sub-meters installed, you get immediate visibility into daily resident usage and the ability to detect leaks – preventing maintenance issues.

Track regulations and avoid fines

Sub-meter regulations can vary greatly, and some regulated areas require specialized solutions. Conservice utility meter management keeps you fully compliant.


Increase your recovery and improve your resident experience with our wide-ranging sub-meter solutions. We will track regulations, pull reads, install new systems, and help to maintain existing equipment.

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Meter Maintenance Plan

  • Includes quarterly evaluations of sub-meter health, with up to four maintenance visits annually
  • Simplify budgeting, increase recovery, and address resident concerns
  • Get expert repair and replacement

New Construction Installations

  • Get the expertise needed to select the right sub-meters and communication systems for your needs
  • Let the Conservice team take care of installing all meters, submeters, and communication systems

Retrofit Installations

Replace outdated equipment with modern, accurate sub-meters and communication systems that deliver more value

Equipment-Only Options

Let our experts provide equipment to ensure the right meters and communication systems are installed at your property

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At Conservice, we understand that each type of property has its own requirements and preferences. Discover how we tailor our services to better address the needs of each market.

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