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Take the hassle out of renting to students while saving time, money, and resources

Student housing can be a worthwhile investment, but these properties have unique needs when it comes to utility management. Left unchecked, students may run up unsustainable bills for energy and water. Getting everyone to pay their fair share can be a challenge when responsibilities are shared among roommates. It can all add up to high costs, wasted energy, and time-consuming administrative tasks. The problem multiplies as your portfolio of student properties grows.

That’s why Conservice is an essential partner to student housing property owners and managers. We take utility management off your hands, freeing up your staff to lease and manage your property while uncovering significant opportunities to reduce costs and avoid late fees. By supporting consolidated and per-bed billing, we make life easier for your students too.

Customer Benefits

Conservice delivers value to student housing property owners and managers in multiple ways.

Keep costs to a minimum

Overcharges, late fees, and missed savings opportunities can drive up costs unnecessarily. Our advanced software platform ensures all bills are paid accurately and on time – guaranteed.

Gain increased visibility

We enable you to spot and keep tabs on utility usage, savings opportunities, and sustainability efforts at all times – real transparency for you, your students, and their parents.

Ensure compliance

No need to keep up with changing requirements – we provide regulatory support to keep you compliant.

Deliver individualized bills

With Conservice, each student receives one monthly bill with charges already split among roommates.

Outsource customer service

A Conservice customer service representative is available to answer your student renters’ billing questions – so you don’t have to.

Make better-informed decisions

We give you a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of your utility expenses – so you can identify savings opportunities and take action.

Offload unproductive tasks

Student housing utility management can consume your precious time and resources. We take on all of those tasks – from chasing down missing invoices to allocating bills by number of beds – so your team can focus on more productive work.

Conserve energy

Sustainability is important to both students and landlords. Conservice provides you with the means to reduce energy waste, preserve natural resources, and protect the environment.

Make turn easier

With Conservice, seamless integration ensures data flows seamlessly from your system to ours, keeping all rent roll information up to date, taking the burden off your staff during the busiest times of the year.


Expense Recovery

Recoup costs by ensuring that students pay for their fair share of utilities with our resident billing platform. We provide a range of ways to ensure payment responsibility, fairness, and convenience, from convergent billing to a dedicated customer service team to answer students’ utility billing questions.


Expense Management

Free up your staff and eliminate late fees with our expense management service, Synergy. Our utility experts will obtain, process, audit, and pay all of your provider invoices. Take it one step further and increase cash flow with our customizable Student Direct platform.



To achieve your sustainability goals, you need to take action on energy efficiency, water conservation, and waste minimization. We support you on all fronts, enabling you to measure, develop, implement, and evolve an effective sustainability program.


Meter Management

Increase your recovery and improve your resident experience with our wide-ranging sub-meter solutions. We will track regulations, pull reads, install new systems, and help to maintain existing equipment.


Energy Procurement

Lower your deregulated utility provider rates with our energy procurement service, Optimyze. We will leverage our established supplier relationships and market knowledge to ensure the most competitive bids.


Utility Analysis

Make smarter financial decisions with our utility analysis service, Confirm. We will evaluate a community’s current and future utility expenses/programs to determine the investment value.


Contract Management

Eliminate vendor risk and liability with our vendor and contract management service, Control. We will store your contracts, warranties, licenses, and vendor documents in one central portal.


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Navigating how to pay rent and utilities can be overwhelming to students. Conservice offers customized solutions to best meet the needs of your communities and your student residents. We provide full support to ensure students and staff the tools they need for an excellent experience.

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