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Whether you’re seeking to lower utility expenses, achieve sustainability goals, or identify the most promising investment properties to acquire, you need hard data. That data – comprehensive, accurate, and fresh – gives you the power to determine the actions that will deliver the biggest impact. Try Conservice’s analytics solutions for utilities.


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Conservice offers distinct advantages in data and analytics:

Get accurate, up-to-date data to inform sustainability efforts

Accurate utility data is key to your ability to benchmark, plan, and track your sustainability efforts. With near-real-time data on 300,000+ properties nationwide, Conservice is unmatched at both data coverage and access.

Data spanning all key categories

Conservice offers a one-stop shop for all relevant data, including electricity, gas, water, and waste. You can analyze all aspects of a property, including carbon data.

The most accurate data – guaranteed

You can rely on the Analytics Solution for Utilities from Conservice data, for several reasons. First, we source our data electronically directly from providers – eliminating any chance for human data-entry errors. Second, our proprietary software captures the data, formats it, and makes it available for analysis. Finally, we follow a strict internal verification process that’s so rigorous, we guarantee the accuracy of our data.

Fresh, up-to-date data

Some data providers offer data that is months or years old. In a dynamic environment shaped by climate change, fluctuating energy prices, and other factors, that’s simply not good enough. Conservice data is as fresh as the most recent utility bill – and it’s continuously refreshed as new data arrives.

Take action through reports, analytics, and audits

Conservice data is yours to slice and dice as you see fit to identify opportunities and take action. We can help you in those efforts, as well.

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Built-in reports save you time and effort

Conservice offers hundreds of pre-built reports that you can generate by pointing and clicking

Auditing services put your plans into action

We help you make the leap from insight to action by offering, for example, building audits that analyze insulation, heating and cooling systems and controls, electrical systems and appliances, water usage, windows, doors, and more. You get a custom plan with recommendations for improvements.

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At Conservice, we understand that each type of property has its own requirements and preferences. Discover how we tailor our services to better address the needs of each market.

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