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We see to it that your utility expenses are paid promptly and accurately.

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For businesses, one of the biggest challenges is commercial expense management of utilities. From companies ranging from a few locations to those with thousands, the need for efficient and accurate utility management services is critical. Conservice Commercial powered by Capturis™ provides multi-site companies with those essential services, offering utility bill payment administration, utility consumption reporting, cost tracking, and other utility solutions.

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With Conservice Commercial You Can:

Reduce administrative burden

The administrative chores of commercial expense management can consume significant time and resources. We take on those tasks – so your team can focus on more productive work and lower operating costs.

Minimize late fees

Our streamlined process pays utility bills prioritized by the First Due, First Through®, standard. This unique, in-house developed process achieves an industry-leading rate of on-time payments and dramatically reduces late fees and disconnection of services.

Make better-informed decisions

We give you the information you need to stay on top of utility expenses and gain a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of your costs.

Budget more easily and accurately

No matter how big your portfolio of properties is, we enable you to better plan your budget, take actions to save energy and money – and avoid unpleasant surprises.


Under Conservice Commercial Expense Management we obtain, process, and pay all of your provider invoices. Optional services deliver incremental value through additional auditing, analytics, and customization.

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Bill Processing

  • Utility invoice retrieval
  • Missing utility invoice retrieval
  • No disconnects

Invoice Payment

  • Multiple funding options and frequencies
  • Strive for 100% accurate and on-time payments
  • Receipt of General Ledger files for your software

Online Reporting

  • Real-time data
  • Custom reporting options
  • Comprehensive, exportable reports
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Enhanced Options

Energy Analytics

  • Benchmarking compliance support
  • Generate reports for government and lender green loans
  • Upload to ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager
  • Track capital improvements

Owner Conversion

  • Update name and Tax ID with provider for new acquisitions
  • Completion of provider applications
  • Gathers utility deposit requirements

New Construction Development and Owner Conversion

  • Utility management during construction and through the transition to operations
  • Fast and seamless account transitions after turns
  • Money saving recommendations

Waste Management

  • Secure the best waste hauling rates
  • Identify waste inefficiencies
  • Get cost-saving recommendations
  • Waste contracts digitally stored and managed

On/Off Service (Activations)

  • Unit activations/deactivations are handled on your behalf
  • Avoid unnecessary charges
  • Increase operational efficiencies

Tenant Billing

  • Timely and accurate tenant billing
  • Maximize recovery with flexible billing methods
  • Tenant payment and collection options

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Markets we serve

At Conservice, we understand that each type of property has its own requirements and preferences. Discover how we tailor our services to better address the needs of each market.

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Managing the complexities of utilities is a job best outsourced to an expert partner. Contact us today for a demo and see how our advanced data and analytics software can help you improve commercial expense management and offload utility management while reducing your costs and energy usage.

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