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If you have properties in deregulated energy markets, you have the opportunity to choose the rates you pay for the generation and transmission of energy. The savings can be considerable – if you handle it correctly. Optimyze, our energy procurement software, is a robust energy platform that uses advanced algorithms and automation technology to help businesses of all shapes and sizes buy energy smarter, with fees considerably less than a traditional broker.

Optimyze seamlessly sources and procures energy rate strategies utilizing your buying preferences and supplier contract parameters. Our platform will automatically communicate to a large supplier marketplace, allowing speed to market to capture low price opportunities while cost-effectively managing a business’s energy supply expenses.


In savings and cost avoidance realized by current Optimyze users.


In savings opportunities identified for potential Optimyze clients.


In total realized & potential savings.

With Optimyze, you can:

Save money with custom recommendations

Optimyze can pay for itself quickly by cutting your utility rates in short order. It’s not uncommon for Conservice customers to save 35% or more per year on their utility bills with Optimyze.

Implement renewable/clean energy options

You have more choices than ever for energy procurement software. We can help you switch to green energy sources that work for your location and budget.

Improve sustainability

Energy procurement is a key way to drive sustainability. When you switch to a renewable or clean energy provider, you can reduce costs while meeting your sustainability goals. Further offset electricity use from non-renewable sources by procuring Green-e®-Certified Renewable Energy Credits with Optimyze.


Lower your deregulated utility provider rates with our energy procurement software. We use our established supplier relationships and market knowledge to ensure the most competitive bids.

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Rates Analysis and Recommendations

  • Use detailed cost comparisons and information to make better-informed decisions
  • Get expert recommendations on potential savings from our Certified Energy Procurement Professionals (CEP)

Free Energy Platform

  • Portfolio dashboard showing analytics and insights for monthly costs, usage, rates, and predicted spend
  • End-to-end energy procurement with clear recommendations, simple one-click energy buying, and eSign contracting
  • Property Portfolio Stack Ranking, showing the regions and properties with the highest costs and energy consumption
  • One-stop shop for all your energy contracts and bills

Energy Portfolio Reporting

  • Rate Check Report generated based on market trends and timing, continually informing you of opportunities to save money
  • Monthly Portfolio Summary Report – detailing top properties by energy usage and cost
  • Monthly Bill Scan Report – detailing any irregularities on customer bills

Performance Analysis

  • Clever technology that automatically monitors the market and ensures your business is saving year after year
  • Balance your need to save money with your tolerance for risk in the marketplace

Energy Industry Certifications


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