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Conservice ESG Launched to Meet Rising ESG Demand

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CHICAGO, IL, July 12, 2022 – Conservice, the largest utility management services provider in the U.S., has launched Conservice ESG, a business segment designed to consolidate and enhance their sustainability services in response to growing regulations and unprecedented market demand.

In 2021, Conservice finalized its acquisition of Goby, the ESG Platform, achieving its goal of being the only end-to-end provider of ESG services with a wholly in-house data stream. Conservice ESG will integrate Goby’s technology and services into Conservice’s other sustainability offerings, consolidating the Goby platform, Optimyze, WasteX, and ESG consulting services.

“We’ve seen regulations and the signs of future regulations popping up all over the country.” Says Marc Treitler, President of Conservice ESG and General Counsel. “Property managers, owners, investors… They need a reliable guide, and whether they’re looking to track and report on their utilities usage or invest in a formal benchmarking assessment, we have the experience and technology to be that guide. Conservice ESG is our way of simplifying the path our customers need to take to reach their goals and improve their business.”

The last three years have seen measurable demand for ESG services skyrocket, with investment assets set to balloon from $35 trillion to $50 trillion by 2025. According to UNPRI, the number of PRI investor signatories increased by 26% just between 2020 and 2021, and over the last 5 years the number of bondholders measuring ESG performance has more than doubled. Conservice’s recent Private Equity ESG Survey showed that the majority of LPs (55%) have already invested in dedicated ESG funds and 57% believe that quality ESG metrics for portfolio companies are a highly significant factor in fund selection.

“Any business looking to attract investors is going to have to show a commitment to sustainability. The sheer breadth and scalability of Conservice ESG will make it easy to track usage data, easy to report to investors, and easy to achieve sustainability goals.”


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