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Conservice Announces the Industry’s First Building Performance Standards (BPS) Solution for Property Managers & Investors

RIVER HEIGHTS, UT, December 4, 2023 – Conservice, a leader in utility management and ESG solutions, is excited to announce the launch of its industry leading Building Performance Standards (BPS) offering. This full-service offering is the industry’s first BPS solution, and is set to revolutionize how property managers navigate the complex landscape of environmental regulations, enhancing both the sustainability and operational efficiency of their properties.

For over twenty years, Conservice has been a trailblazer in utility management, developing proptech and services that streamline utility management and elevate building performance. In an era where buildings contribute to 35% of total energy-related emissions in the United States, the BPS offering solidifies Conservice’s dedication to environmental stewardship and operational excellence.

Todd Brandel, VP of ESG Product, remarks, “Our BPS solution is more than just a compliance tool; it’s a comprehensive approach to understanding risk and intelligently prioritizing efficiency projects. We understand the challenges property managers face with evolving regulations, and our service is designed to turn these challenges into opportunities for improvement, growth, and more efficient operations.”

Ron Roberts, Conservice’s BPS Manager adds, “Given the significant role of buildings in greenhouse gas emissions, our BPS offering empowers the industry to not just meet regulations but to lead in sustainable building management. Our objective is to make sustainability both achievable and financially beneficial for our clients.”

Conservice’s Building Performance Standards solution is built on a deep understanding of the complexities of building performance standards across various jurisdictions. Service includes:

  1. Benchmarking: Assisting real estate owners and investors in meeting mandatory reporting requirements and avoiding penalties.
  2. Enhanced Benchmarking: Offering insights on additional measures necessary to achieve sustainability goals, including energy audits and structural modifications.
  3. BPS Guidance: Providing clients with clear targets and submitting essential information as required by regulations. We facilitate understanding and adherence to Building Performance Standards so clients can ensure their buildings meet the specified metrics to avoid potential fines for non-compliance.

In an evolving landscape where over 40 cities, counties, and states are adopting reporting regulations, Conservice remains committed to staying ahead of regulatory changes, ensuring clients are well-equipped for future shifts in building performance standards.

From Bill to Boardroom

Alongside our BPS offering, “Bill to Boardroom” is the industry’s first and only full bill-to-boardroom ESG solution. Our unique offering melds the efficiencies of utility automation with a data-rich ESG platform, backed by two decades of consulting expertise. The end-to-end solution sustainably improves operations and attracts investors, underscoring our commitment to comprehensive, sustainable utility management and ESG integration.

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