Outsmart Utility Scams: Your Guide for Resident Protection

Lauren Bevilacqua | February 27, 2024

Outsmart Utility Scams: Your Guide for Resident Protection

Scammers have gotten smarter. And utility scams in particular have become sneakily sophisticated, defrauding unsuspecting consumers of a staggering  $239 million each year. In your role as community owner or manager, you’re positioned as the frontline defense tasked with the responsibility of safeguarding residents against these deceptive and financially devastating schemes.

The Scam Playbook Exposed

Envision this scenario: A resident receives a call from someone claiming to be their utility provider. The name and number on caller ID appear to be legitimate. The voice on the other end is urgent and convincing, claiming an overdue bill will result in service disconnection within the hour. They demand payment via a prepaid debit card or wire transfer. The realization of deception dawns too late, leaving the resident out of pocket and outsmarted.

Scammers have fine-tuned their masquerade, manipulating technology like caller IDs to appear as legitimate utility companies. Yet, their schemes aren’t limited to phone calls. They’ve expanded their arsenal to include:

  • Sponsored search engine ads leading to fraudulent payment sites
  • QR codes directing to fake payment platforms
  • Text messages steering recipients to counterfeit websites

Your Defensive Strategy: Educate and Protect Residents

Here’s where you come in. As the protector of your properties, there are several steps you can take to shield your residents from utility scams:

Educate to Empower

Regularly inform your communities about the telltale signs of utility scams, and promote a healthy skepticism toward unsolicited payment requests like prepaid debit cards. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) sheds light on tips for your residents to avoid falling victim to sneaky scams. We recommend communicating the following advice to your residents:

  • Direct Verification: If you receive a suspicious call or message claiming you owe a utility payment, do not engage. Instead, hang up and contact your utility provider directly through the number on your bill or their official website. 
  • Payment Methods: Legitimate utility companies will never demand payment via wire transfers, reloadable cards, gift cards, or cryptocurrency. These payment methods are red flags for scams, as they’re preferred by fraudsters due to the difficulty in tracing and recovering funds. Always stick to your usual payment method.
  • Understand Your Bill: If there’s any doubt about your utility bill’s status, refer directly to your account for accurate information. For those genuinely behind on payments, the FTC’s guide, “Getting Utility Services: Why Your Credit Matters,” offers valuable insights into navigating overdue bills and understanding your rights and options.

Tap into Resources

Organizations like Utilities United Against Scams, a coalition of over 150 utility companies, offer valuable information and tools to combat these scams. The Edison Electric Institute also provides a consumer guide with tools to fight back against fraud.

Report Utility Scams

Inform Your Utility Company: Immediately report any scam attempts to your utility provider. Use a verified contact number or their online reporting system to ensure the information reaches them directly.

Notify the Authorities: File a report with the FTC at ReportFraud.ftc.gov to alert them of the scam. Additionally, contact your state attorney general’s office to report the incident and receive further assistance.

Spread the Word: Sharing your experience can arm others with the knowledge to avoid similar scams. By raising awareness, you help build a community that’s more resilient to these fraudulent schemes.

Stay Alert & Informed

Keep abreast of the latest scam trends in your area to promptly warn your residents of emerging threats.

Enlist A Strategic Ally: Utility Management

Outsourcing utility management tasks to a specialized provider like Conservice can significantly enhance the security and efficiency of handling utility bills, acting as a critical barrier against the rising tide of utility scams. With Conservice, residents gain round-the-clock access to their account information, allowing for immediate verification of their billing status and a swift rebuttal to any fraudulent claims.

A utility management partnership means:

  • Accurate, On-Time Billing: Ensuring residents receive clear, correct bills diminishes the confusion scammers prey on.
  • Instant Account Verification: Residents can immediately refute scammers by verifying their account status, offering reassurance and proof against deceit.
  • Comprehensive Support: Our team of Utility Experts® stands ready to address any billing questions or concerns, including fraud suspicions.

Utility scams are a formidable threat, but armed with the right strategies and allies, you can shield your community, instilling in your residents a sense of security and trust.

Explore the comprehensive advantages of choosing Conservice to discover how we can fortify your community against utility scams and enhance your utility management approach.

Lauren Bevilacqua

Lauren Bevilacqua

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