Sustainability Solutions

Reduce your environmental impact – and grow your ROI

To achieve your sustainability goals, you need to take action on multiple fronts: energy efficiency, water conservation, waste, and carbon reduction. Conservice supports you on all four fronts, providing the data, services, and solutions you need to plan, develop, implement, and track an effective sustainability program.

Goby ESG Platform


Goby’s comprehensive platform for ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) management helps portfolios develop and implement ESG initiatives that provide an imperative to attract and retain capital, accelerate sustainable and responsible growth, and mitigate enterprise risk.

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With Sustainability Solutions powered by Goby, You Can:

Get accurate, up-to-date data to inform sustainability efforts

Accurate utility data is key to your ability to benchmark, plan, and track your sustainability efforts. With near-real-time data on 300,000+ properties nationwide, Conservice is unmatched at both data coverage and access.

Identify opportunities for improvement

There are thousands of actions you can take at your properties to improve sustainability. But which ones are the most impactful – and which will deliver the best ROI? Conservice auditing and analytics enable you to identify the areas of greatest need and opportunity.

Track and measure success

Energy analytics and reporting track performance and confirm ROI after implementation. Maintain your success with data insights – helping you reach your long-term sustainability goals.

Promote your properties as sustainable facilities

Many investors, prospective tenants, and military housing authorities are factoring sustainability into their decision-making. Conservice provides the data and services to fulfill reporting requirements and achieve the Energy Star and WaterSense scores that enable you to market your property to prospective tenants and investors as an environmentally responsible building.


Experience the only bill-to-boardroom solution with the most comprehensive ESG platform in the industry. Clients are equipped to make effective decisions, measure outcomes, and report progress to stakeholders.

Detailed Data Access

  • Get reliable, precise data on all utility consumption at each property on a granular level.
  • Obtain benchmarking data visualization across your portfolio.

Energy Efficiency Audits and Reporting

  • Take a whole-building approach to solving high energy bills, discomfort issues, and indoor air quality problems.
  • Get a building assessment that analyzes insulation, heating and cooling systems and controls, electrical systems and appliances, water usage, windows, doors, and more.
  • Detect deficiencies and get a custom plan with recommendations to make your property more sustainable, healthy, safe, and energy efficient.

Reporting & Compliance

  • Ensure timely Portfolio Manager data uploads and benchmarking compliance.
  • Get asset-level GRESB reporting and data accuracy verification.

Past Performance Analysis

  • Evaluate your energy procurement performance over time to measure savings.
  • Use historical trend analysis for budget forecasting.

Solar Billing

  • Get the data to move forward confidently on solar power generation initiatives.
  • Provide residents with a discount on their electric bills while paying off the capital expense of rooftop solar equipment.

Waste Management

  • Increase your diversion rate by supporting reduction, reuse, recycling, and composting programs.
  • Optimize your waste stream and lower costs with the Conservice WasteX program.

Renewable Energy Credits

  • Buy Green-e®-certified state credits to achieve carbon neutrality.
  • Help fund new solar and wind power generation facilities in your state.

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