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Conservice Reaches Major Milestone

RIVER HEIGHTS, UT, April 22, 2021 Conservice hit a noteworthy milestone by recently reaching five million service points under management. Conservice, started in 2000, has grown from a small startup company with an office of just two people, to the nation’s leader in utility expense management, providing services across a variety of markets. They offer solutions to the challenges of utility expense management and recovery by offering a broad range of services that reduce operating costs. Over time, Conservice has refined their platforms and processes to successfully guide clients through their utility challenges.

Service Points

Starting out primarily serving the multifamily industry, Conservice has grown into other markets, bringing value to their commercial, student housing, single family and military housing partners as well. Conservice tracks service points under management rather than units due to the nuances throughout the various markets served. The number of apartment units (multifamily), beds (student housing), homes (single family), and retail units (commercial) makes up the number of service points tracked.

Steady Growth

Conservice’s customer-first approach, innovation and expertise in utility management has led to monumental growth – breaking industry records (and their own), year after year. In 2020, they grew their portfolio by 23% and have a current customer retention rate of 98%. “From an account management perspective, this is really exciting,” said Ami Clay, Vice President of Account Management at Conservice. “With this continual growth, our Account Management team has also expanded, as has our ability to customize the client experience. We align with our clients’ goals, which has been key to the strong partnerships we have.”

Conservice looks forward to continuing to forge the path of excellence by supporting new and existing partners with their utility expense management needs and sustainability goals.

Our Account Management team has expanded right along with this growth and our ability to customize the client experience and align with our clients goals has been key to having great partnerships with our clients

Our ability to support this kind of growth through account management has been critical to our success. And my team has continued to grow alongside it – so we can continue to offer the highest level of customer service to our clients.

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