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Conservice Acquires Capturis, Bringing Value to Commercial Markets Served

LOGAN, UT, December 15, 2020  Conservice has announced the recent acquisition of Capturis, a Mandan, North Dakota based company known as an industry leader in commercial real estate utility expense management.

Founded in 2000, Capturis  began as the Utility Bill Pay division within National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC). Through the years, Capturis has strived to deliver the most reliable and efficient bill pay service, with a passion for high quality data capture and reporting. In 2014, NISC transitioned their division into the Capturis company, where they continued their track record of success and established themselves as a leader in the industry. The Capturis team will continue to support their existing clients, while integrating the robust solutions Conservice brings to market.

Likewise, Conservice was founded in 2000, and has grown to be a market leader in the residential rental industry. Conservice provides utility expense management solutions to over 4 million service points across multi-family, student housing, single family rentals and military housing nationwide. Conservice offers a leading-edge suite of services dedicated to solving their partners’ utility challenges.

“We see great synergy in the combination of our two organizations and look forward to leveraging the talent and expertise across our teams to continue to improve on our services and solutions in the market.” said David Aichele, Director of Operations and Development at Capturis.

“Our primary objective in acquiring Capturis is to strengthen and grow the great business they have,” Scott Hardy, CEO of Conservice stated. “We expect that Conservice and Capturis can learn a lot from each other on the sales, operations, and technology fronts. This will make us collectively better.”

Both organizations are built on values of customer service, accuracy, and timeliness. Their shared experience in the utility management industry will drive new innovations to the software and services offered.


About Conservice:

Conservice works with property management companies across the United States and Canada, providing comprehensive and customized utility billing solutions that greatly reduce operating costs and promote conservation. Services include utility and ancillary billing, metering equipment installation and maintenance, conservation products and services, daily meter reading, energy procurement, data exchange, contract management and due diligence services. Conservice has operations and sales offices in Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Washington and Toronto, Canada. The company is headquartered in River Heights, Utah. For more information, please visit

About Capturis:

For businesses, one of the biggest challenges is management of utility expenses. From companies ranging from a few locations to those with thousands, the need for efficient and accurate utility management services is critical. Capturis™ provides multi-site companies with those very essential services, offering utility bill payment administration, utility consumption reporting, cost tracking as well as other utility information solutions. For more information, visit

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