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Conservice Unveils Seamless API Integration with Rent Manager: Streamlining Utility Data and Property Management Services

RIVER HEIGHTS, UT, October 30, 2023 – Conservice—a sustainable utility management provider for property owners and managers—will formally publish a fully integrated API with Rent Manager, an advanced property managed software designed to support portfolios of any size. Developed in-house by Conservice engineers, this integration will deeply enhance the connection between the usage data and utility services collated by Conservice and the property management capabilities that Rent Manager customers leverage when overseeing their portfolio.

“Real estate is a connected industry,” explained Steve Zobell, Conservice’s Chief Product Technology Officer. “And integration is key for any vendor interested in supporting the complex world that property owners and managers have to navigate. Conservice services—really utility services in general—are foundational to managing all kinds of real estate, and our integration with Rent Manager is a huge stepping stone towards connecting the services our mutual customers rely on.”

The development of this API will allow Rent Manager clients to receive basic GL File data directly in their Rent Manager software, eliminating the need to manually upload files. The integration will additionally connect Rent Manager users to critical utility data points, including property, vendor, GL Account, provider account number, service period, amount, bill date, due date, and PDF image attachments. GL file bill data will be automatically pushed into Rent Manager systems and include a PDF image attachment for any client who leverages the AP integration.

“We’re incredibly proud and we’re excited for our customers,” said Dottie Yates, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Conservice. “For them, it means instant, automated access to their data. It makes their Rent Manager software an even more centralized hub. It’s the kind of innovation that Conservice has been churning out for over twenty years.”

Clients interested in utilizing the new API should reach out to their Account or Funding Manager.

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