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Accounts Payable and Invoice Processing

Free your company from the hassle and expense of handling and processing utility bills. Take advantage of SyNERGY – our streamlined approach to utility bill processing and payment that takes advantage of economies of scale to efficiently and accurately process and pay utility bills. With SyNERGY, you will:

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Avoid late fees and disconnects
  • Easily analyze utility information
  • Better prepare yearly budgets
  • and much more

Utility Audits

Every utility bill we process is audited for accuracy. Our team will contact utility providers when billing anomalies occur and bring any problems to resolution for you. We even provide a sales tax audit service (SyNTAX) to ensure you aren’t paying too much sales tax on your utility bills each month.

Vacant Recovery

Conservice will monitor your vacant units to help you avoid or reduce energy waste and unnecessary utility costs. When utility bills are processed for occupied apartments, we’ll bill the appropriate residents for the charges, reducing your monthly expenses. All utility expense and consumption data is available online for your review, including detailed vacant unit management reports and information.

Online Budgeting Tools

With SyNERGY, clients have access to versatile online reports and tools, making the annual utility budgeting process a breeze. Our online tools track current year budget amounts for utility expenses and recovery. Choose to apply anticipated rate increases, which our rate experts predict after extensive research, to optimize the accuracy of your budget projections. Clients can even compare service locations across a community or portfolio, see how adjustments to common area deductions impact recovery, and view current year budget amounts against prior year amounts to track performance.

ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager Uploads

Energy benchmarking is becoming increasingly important and is even a requirement in several cities and states across the United States. To comply with benchmarking requirements, communities must upload utility data into the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. Conservice can take care of all ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager requirements and upload this data for you, including regular maintenance and follow-up to keep your data accurate.