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Recover Utility Expenses

When residents are responsible for their utility expenses, they are much more likely to conserve. Conservice provides a number of solutions to help property owners recover utility expenses and promote conservation efforts.

Convergent Billing and Full Software Integration

One of the best ways to increase expense recovery is by billing rent, ancillary charges, and utilities on one concise statement. Conservice provides both convergent and traditional billing for thousands of communities across the United States. To make the process seamless, we can fully integrate the Conservice billing program with your property management software, which virtually eliminates extra work for the leasing office. Whether you choose to collect payments directly or you opt for residents to make their payments to Conservice, we provide solutions so that residents can manage their account online, sign up for e-bills, and even make payments. Learn more about our payment portal solutions here.

Water, Electric, and Gas Sub-Metering

Conservice offers, sells, and installs water, electric, and gas sub-meters. All of our state-of-the-art sub-meters are equipped for remote, automated reading, as well as manual reading. If there are existing sub-meters at your property, Conservice can assume management of them. We have the technology to collect readings from a variety of models of sub-meters.

RUBS (Ratio Utility Billing Services)

If sub-metering is not an option at your community you may opt to implement a Ratio Utility Billing Services. We can assist you in creating logical formulas for dividing up the property bill in a way that is fair and meets all state and local legal requirements. We can create formulas that take into account such factors as:

  • Number of occupants per apartment
  • Separate metering of landscaping or other community services
  • Water-consumptive household appliances such as washing machines
  • Seasonal differences in percentage of utilities that will be covered by management
  • Square footage or number of rooms in each apartment's floor plan.

Online Reporting and Support

Access a number of helpful reports online, such as billing summaries, collections data, expense recovery information, and much more. View data by portfolio or individual community. Conservice develops reports for clients on a regular basis – if there is a report you need that you don’t see, we’ll create it for you.

We’ve designed our online tools to be efficient so that you can quickly get what you need and get on with your day. Our goal is to simplify everything for you, taking the burden of utility billing out of your hands.

Customer Service

We believe customer service is key to a successful utility billing program. Each call received during our extended business hours is answered promptly by an experienced Conservice employee who will answer your residents’ billing questions in a quick, accurate, and professional manner. Each apartment community receives a billing manager who is readily available to help answer any questions the office may have while also ensuring that your community’s utility billing is timely and accurate each month.